Issue Date 8/21/20158/21/2015
Due Date 9/8/2015
Project Title 4912 Gilman Drive Realignment, Geotechnical Testing & Obsevation Services
RFQ Text The Gilman Drive Realignment project which reconfigures and widens Gilman Drive from Via La Jolla east and north towards Voigt Drive, provides a new four-way signalized intersection to improve campus circulation and will facilitate a future connection to the upcoming Gilman Bridge project. The scope of work includes site work, roadway construction, signalized intersection, parking lots, retaining walls, storm drainage system, 12kV, electrical, telecommunications, domestic and reclaimed water and landscaping. Final utility and road tie-in at future Gilman Bridge by Caltrans at future date estimated at one month concludes the project.

The selected firm will provide geotechnical testing and observations services during earthwork and retaining wall construction for the planned Gilman Drive roadway improvement at the University of California, San Diego installed by the University’s contractor as required by applicable state building codes. Services will be required starting as early as October, 2015 and will continue through February, 2017. The services provided will be sufficient to determine if the geotechnical aspect of the earthwork and retaining wall construction are conducted in general accordance with the approved drawings, specifications and recommendation provided in our geotechnical report.

To access the RFQ document, including the link to the complete scope of work, project plans, specifications and schedule, see below.

Every effort will be made to ensure that all persons have equal access to contracts and other business opportunities with the University within the limits imposed by law or University policy.  Each Bidder may be required to show evidence of its equal employment opportunity policy.  The successful Bidder and its subcontractors will be required to follow the nondiscrimination requirements set forth in the Bidding Documents and to pay prevailing wage at the location of the work.

The work described in the contract is a public work subject to section 1771 of the California Labor Code.

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Contractors and subcontractors on all public works projects awarded on or after April 1, 2015, must use the DIR’s upgraded electronic certified payroll reporting (eCPR) system to furnish certified payroll records (CPRs) to the Labor Commissioner. Contractors and subcontractors who have been submitting PDF copies of their CPRs for earlier projects must also begin using the new system.

No contractor or subcontractor, regardless of tier, may be listed on a Bid for, or engage in the performance of, any portion of this project, unless registered with the Department of Industrial Relations pursuant to Labor Code section 1725.5 and 1771.1.

This project is subject to compliance monitoring and enforcement by the Department of Industrial Relations.

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Download 4912 Gilman GeoTest and Observe RFQ.pdf
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Group Delta Consultants9245 Activity Road, Suite 103, San Diego, CA 92126858.536.1000
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