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12/6/20191/6/2020FM _ As-Needed Electrical EngineerCompleteE/E Selection
_RFQ (FM) - As Needed Electrical Engineer _ 12-06-2019.pdf
12/6/20191/6/2020FM _ As-Needed Mechanical EngineerCompleteE/E Selection
_RFQ (FM) - As Needed Mechanical Engineer _ 12-6-2019.pdf
6/25/20197/11/2019As-Needed Consulting Project ManagerCompleteOther
_RFQ As Needed Consulting Project Manager 2019.pdf
8/27/20219/13/2021As-Needed Storm Water ConsultantsCompleteOther
_Stormwater Consultant RFQ Final 8-27-21.pdf
7/7/20167/21/20164071 Biological & Physical Sciences, Special Inspection & Materials TestingCompleteSI/MT Selection
01 Spec Insp Mat Test BioSci 4071 RFQ.pdf
3/15/20163/30/2016Campus ADA Transition PlanCompleteE/A Selection
0767E Campus ADA Transition Plan RFQ.pdf
11/15/201312/6/20134071 Biological & Physical Sciences BuildingCompleteE/A Selection
4071 Sciences Building RFQ.pdf
9/17/201510/2/20154484 Outpatient Pavilion Special Inspection Materials TestingCompleteSI/MT Selection
4484 SpecInspMatTest RFQ.pdf
5/22/20146/9/20144638 Southwest Fisheries Science Center Building DCompleteE/A Selection
4638 Building D (SIO) Renovation RFQ.pdf
4/24/20205/8/2020SIO Marine Conservation & Technology Facility (SI) CompleteSI/MT Selection
4638 MCTF RFQ SI Final 4-24-2020.pdf
10/22/201311/6/2013Spanos Training FacilityCompleteE/A Selection
4642 Spanos Training Facility Expansion RFQ.pdf
9/19/20139/19/20134650 Triton Ballpark - Selection of Executive ArchitectCompleteE/A Selection
9/10/20139/24/20134746 SIO Emergency Power System ImprovementCompleteE/E Selection
9/18/201310/2/20134768 Argo Hall Fire & Life Safety UpgradesCompleteE/A Selection
4/3/20154/17/20154795 Regional Transportation Projects IntegrationCompleteE/A Selection
4795 Executive Architect RFQ.pdf
8/26/20149/10/20144798 Central Plant and Cooling Tower, UCSD Medical Center HillcrestCompleteE/A Selection
4798 Architect RFQ.pdf
12/8/20141/6/2015Multiple Hospital Remodel Projects, Thornton Hospital & Multiple Hospital Remodel Projects, UCSD Medical Center, La Jolla CampusCompleteE/A Selection
4853, 4879, 4933, 4935 Multiple Hospital Improvement Projects, UCSD MC La Jolla.pdf
5/7/20145/21/2014Computer Science and Engineering AdditionCompleteE/A Selection
4863 CSE Expansion RFQ 5-5-14.pdf
9/15/20159/30/20154864 Graduate and Professional Student Housing – East Campus GEOTECHNICAL TESTING & OBSERVATION TESTINGCompleteOther
4864 GeoTest and Observe RFQ.pdf
10/19/201511/3/2015Waterproofing and Building Envelope Observation ServicesCompleteOther
4864 Waterproofing RFQ.pdf
5/15/20145/30/20144865 SIO Hubbs Hall 2nd Floor Slab Feasibility Study - Selection of Executive Structural EngineerCompleteE/E Selection
4865 RFQ Hubbs Hall Cracked Slab Study ci edits.pdf
9/4/20149/25/20144878 Tuolumne Apartments Fire Life Safety Upgrades, Muir College [CANCELLED]CompleteE/A Selection
4878 Executive Architect RFQ.pdf
12/11/20151/5/2016Tuolumne Apts Fire Life Safety Inf-Ph ICompleteE/A Selection
7/17/20158/3/2015Various Elevator Modernization Projects - UCSDMC Hillcrest & La JollaCompleteE/A Selection
4880 4921 4922 RFQ Draft.pdf
8/21/20159/8/20154912 Gilman Drive Realignment, Geotechnical Testing & Obsevation ServicesCompleteOther
4912 Gilman GeoTest and Observe RFQ.pdf
1/8/20151/23/20154913 Warren College Housing Pedestrian Bridge ReplacementCompleteE/A Selection
4913 Warren College Housing Pedestrian Bridge RFQ.pdf
12/1/201512/15/2015Thornton Hospital EP Lab Equipment ReplacementCompleteE/A Selection
4916 RFQ.pdf
4/3/20154/20/20154917 Robinson Building Complex IR/PS RenovationCompleteE/A Selection
4917 RFQ.pdf
8/3/20168/18/2016Medical Waste Storage Facility at Campus Services ComplexActiveE/A Selection
4930 Medical Waste Storage Facility RFQ.pdf
12/8/20141/6/20154934, 4936, 4937, 4938, 4939, 4945 Multiple Hospital Remodel Projects, Thornton Hospital, La Jolla CampusCompleteE/A Selection
4934, 4936, 4937, 4938, 4939, 4945 Multiple Hospital Remodel Projects, Thornton Hospital RFQ.pdf
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