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Department leadership is in the process of working out the details of the reorganization from FD&C to Capital Program Management (CPM) and Campus Architect and Planning (CAP). In an effort to keep current FD&C personnel informed, we have developed this site as a form of ongoing communication. The questions below were asked at the March All Staff meeting, we will do our best to keep the information updated as the details begin to unfold. Please note this is a very dynamic environment, the information we provide is what we know at time however, it is subject to change. In any case, please continue to ask questions and seek clarity from us, we are willing to share what we know.

Joel, Randy, Robin, Jim and Linda

Last Updated: 05/15/2017



What functions go from FD&C to CAP?

  • Campus Architect
    • Capital Program Visioning
    • Campus Building Official
    • Building Permit Issuance
    • Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)
  • Building Inspection
  • Design Review Board
  • Development of Level 1 Charters

What is the upward reporting structure for the two "new" departments?

Both Joel as the AVC/Campus Architect and the new Executive Director will report directly to Gary Matthews, Vice Chancellor, Resource Management and Planning.

Will there continue to be only one Executive Coordinator to support Joel as the AVC/Campus Architect or will there be a position opening to support the new Executive Director?

The final organizational charts are in the process of being finalized. The final determination as to whether or not there will be a new Executive Coordinator will be the responsibility of the new Executive Director.

Will CPM and the CAP area each have Project Specialists?

No. Only CPM will have Project Specialists.

Will FM PM's be joining CPM? If so, how will the projects allocations be distributed?

Not at this time.

Is this organizational restructuring a UC system-wide change?

We are unaware of a system-wide effort to restructure capital programs; we are aware of two other campuses that are working under very similar structures, specifically UC Berkeley and UC Los Angeles. 


How are processes changing with regard to the reorganization?

Processes are still being determined, details will start to unfold over the next few months. For now, all stays as is.

Will plan check be disengaged from the project managers? How can we make it harmonious?

Details are still being worked out, however, the Project Manager will continue to be responsible for ensuring all plan check requirements have been met. At this moment, the plan is to have CPM continue to be the responsible party for code review (via contract with outside consultants), as well as in-house plan review for design standards. 

With the implementation of Blue Beam, the role of the Project Specialist to initiate and monitor the review process with direction from the Project Manager, will continue to be the practice. However, documentation, for example a plan check record sheet, may be required at the time of permit issuance by CAP to confirm that all code related comments have been addressed. Building permits will be issued by CAP.

How far can a project proceed without seed funding or full funding?

No change to current practice.

How will the design element be retained if it is not part of our (CPM) function?

Design management will remain a CPM responsibility with assistance/participation by CAP.



How is everyone going to relate to each other?

Generally, the same as we currently do.

How will this affect current roles in FD&C?

Generally, the roles will be unaffected.

Will there be a new MSO for CAP?

We are not currently anticipating a new MSO for CAP.

Will there be promotional and growth opportunities?

CPM growth opportunities will remain relatively the same. The details of the CAP organization are still being developed, it is unclear at this time how the final organization will look and what the impact will be regarding growth opportunities.

What functions will be outsourced?

Additional/"NEW" outsourcing is not part of the proposed organizational structure. The department already contracts for code related plan check, as well as, for professional services to supplement core staffing.

How will new job cards be drafted for existing and new positions? Will there be Program Managers?

We anticipate minimal changes to existing job cards as a result of the reorganization. 

Unrelated to the reorganization, however, is the implementation of Career Tracks, a UCOP system-wide classification structure. This new structure is being implemented across all 10 campuses with a targeted completion date of June 30, 2017. Job cards for new positions will be developed in coordination with RMP-HR under the new Career Tracks guidelines. For more information on Career Tracks, please click the link below.

Yes, there will be Program Managers. In fact, Program Managers will continue to play a critical role in the department.

How will the reorganization affect the roles and responsibilities of FD&C Engineers?

Engineers play the dual role of serving as a technical resource to the department as well as serving as Project Managers. At the present time, and under the current proposal, there is no change to their current duties.

Whose role is it to create and review CIB's?

Responsibility for the creation of CIB's lies with the Project Manager; review will be conducted by either the Director of Campus or Healthcare; CIB's will be executed by the new Executive Director.



Is there a plan for growth of our department to meet the demands of the Capital Program?

Yes, there is a plan to hire 11 new FTE as a result of the increasing Capital Program. The recruitment process is already underway for five of the new positions with the goal of having all positions on board by the end of summer.

The department places recruitment of staff, for both new and vacant positions, as a very high priority as demonstrated by recruiting and filling 14 positions over the past year.

Is there a list of the 11 new FTE positions that can be reviewed for our information?

Yes, this information was initially sent in a department email on April 17th. Details are below:

        Contract Specialist (1)

Filled 05/8/17

        Project Specialist (2)

One position filled 05/8/17; second position has been advertised, applications are currently being screened, expect final decision no later than middle of June.

                Project Manager (3)

Position has been posted, applications are currently being screened, expect final decision no later than the beginning of June.

                Assistant Project Manager (1)

Position is currently posted in the UC San Diego job bulletin, #87864. Position scheduled to close on May 19th.

                Civil Engineer (1)

                Mechanical Engineer (1)

                Fiscal Analyst (NEW)

                Senior Inspector (1)


Is there a plan for retention to help reduce the need to fill vacancies?

There is no formal retention plan. However the department offers numerous training opportunities, is supportive of career advancement, and participates in the University-wide merit based evaluation and star award programs.


Are we moving and if so, when?

The current plan is to renovate the 3rd Floor in 2018, followed by the 2nd Floor. The 4th Floor is being considered to be renovated last. In the meantime, we will be doubling up some offices to accommodate new FTE.



Please continue to ask questions to seek clarity.


Linda Kermott is serving as the point of contact for updating this information after consulting with the rest of the leadership team. If you would like you can email Linda directly at or ask questions anonymously by submit them via the “comment” box in the lunchroom.


Our goal is to update the information weekly.